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How it Works

Share Farm delivers food boxes during weekdays to community partners.
Each box will weigh approximatly 40lbs and include enough food for approximatly one week.
Fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt,) and local meats.

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Share Farm Delivers...

Share Farm delivers fresh, local products directly to the people who need them. Our online marketplace and farm-to-table delivery model eliminates touch-points, reduces road miles, diminishes our carbon footprint, and minimizes food waste. Share Farm uses only 100% US domestic origin products from the Northwest region directly to individuals experiencing food insecurity. Leveraging the efficient use of technology, Share Farm is the technological solution to increase food access, model sustainability, distribute real food to real people, and encourage autonomy.

As a result of COVID-19, Share Farm pivoted our model to meet the needs of our food insecure neighbors across Spokane. Using technology, we streamlined the food supply chain to bolster an entrepreneurial food economy. Sourcing produce, meat, and dairy from local purveyors, Share Farm is helping farmers and food producers to buy surplus food products and distribute directly to our community members who are food insecure. Together, Share Farm connects—in the most efficient ways possible—the farmers and food producers in our community to the neighbors we need to feed.


Who is eligible?

Any community facing organization that wants to provide food to people in need within the Spokane and Spokane Valley areas. This could be a food pantry, kitchen, school, community group, or governmental organization. Boxes are perfect for handing right to your clients (see above for contents).

Are there limits?

We deliver a minimum of 50 boxes to a single location. We aim to offer at least 2,000 boxes per week. The sign-up form will automatically close once that number has been reached.

What's the cost?

The meals are free to the recipient thanks to our generous donors, restaurant partners, and the USDA

What safty measures are in place?

Our team is committed to using best practices to limit the spread of Covid-19. There will be limited engagement between our delivery team and the recipient organization. Each delivery driver will have a safety kit, including gloves and hand sanitizer, to use often. State laws around face masks will be followed. Please take precautions to wipe down the wrappings and food containers with alcohol. And wash your hands often!